Love And Friendship Quotes From Famous People

of exclusive friendships between man and man, and woman and woman. No two persons of the same sex can complement each other, neither can they long uplift or benefit each other. Usually they deform the mental and spiritual estate. We should have many acquaintances or totally. When two men begin to “tell each other everything,” they are hiking for senility. There should be a bit of well-defined reserve. We are told that in matter solid steel for instance the molecules never touch.

They never surrender their individuality. We are all molecules of Divinity, and our personality should cease abandoned. Be yourself, let no man be necessary you. Your friend will think more of you if you keep him at a little distance. Friendship, like credit, is highest where it is not put into use. I can understand how a strong man can have a good quality and abiding affection of a thousand other men, and call them all by name, but how he is able to regard any one the hands down men much higher than another and preserve his mental balance, I do not realise.

Let mankind come close enough and he’ll clutch you as being a drowning person, and down you both go. Within a close and exclusive friendship men partake of others’ weaknesses. In stores and factories it happens constantly that men may have their pals. These men relate to each other their troubles they keep nothing back they sympathize with each other, they mutually condole. They combine and the stand by position each other great.

Their Friendship day images for whatsapp is exclusive and others see that it is. Jealousy creeps in, suspicion awakens, hate crouches along the corner, along with the men combine in mutual dislike particular things and persons. They foment each other, plus their sympathy dilutes sanity by recognizing their troubles men make them real. Things get beyond focus, and the sense of values is lost. By thinking somebody is an enemy you evolve him into one.